Earn your title as Polka King of the Badlands.
Created by Populus, NeoDement, and SedimentarySocks
Go for the gold! It’s topical now!
Created by Hypo, Donhonk, and Petachepas
The higher you go, the less liable we are.
Created by Nonamesleft~, NeoDement, and Square
It’s a whole new world. Hang on tight!
Created by Populus, Square, and Greg
Special Thanks to mods.tf, TF2Maps.net, the TF2Maps Discord, and the TF2 Emporium Discord. Thanks also to the TF2 community for your amazing efforts - your work perpetuates this community and the people within it, driving us all to succeed and accomplish our dreams. Last but not least, thanks to everyone at Valve for making this all possible - we couldn’t have done any of this without you!
Spectral Snowflake created by Donhonk, Psyke & Colteh.
Saxton Hale model created by Maxxy & JPRAS.
Enhanced Merasmus model created by Alaxe & The Forbidden Fruit.